Custom Water Features & Effects


An ingroung swimming pool is not custom without them, and you know you want cool features. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular swimming pool customization, features, and accessories in this article we show you how to put a creative edge on a traditional swimming pool design.

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Truly Use Your Imagination, the only thing that constrains your pool features and effects is your imagination. Here at Sensational Pools, we turn your dreams into reality. Whether you want brass fixtures for your waterfalls, or bronze water bowls, you are the master of your project, we are the sculptors that work with you to plan and design your pool. Watching large copper water bowls bubble up with water and fall into your pool in sheets, will make you feel like royalty!

The elements of design.

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Mixing Fire & Water

New products on the market allow us to combine water and fire to create some of the most dramatic backyard effects. Your custom swimming pool can be configured to have water shoot up in the air and come down as rain, curtain, sheets, arc descents or arc rainfall.  The way you want to configure these and other effects could border from “really cool” to spectacular. The waterfalls can be as wide or are narrow as you wish. Or the waters falling as curved or as straight.

Combine personal taste with the surrounding architecture.

When you think about designing a pool you must determine what effect would be best for you. Do you want your backyard to have increased aesthetic value due to some feature effect of your pool? From a pool bar, with bar stools in the water to columns forming part of a pergola above your pool that drops water as two curtains. From pools with loud waterfalls to pools with waterfalls that make no noise: we work with you to create all effects.

Some pool owners prefer their effects to go with the type of home they have, to flow with the architecture. For example, if your home is older, then you could have effects that are a bit more rustic or traditional like stone water falls or a Grecian shape. If your home is new you might want a more contemporary feel, tropical, or modern for the design and use LED lighting for added special effects.

Pool Lighting

Swimming pool lighting to make your backyard turn into a whole new world at night. In the old days pools used halogen lighting. And some pool owners may still want that. However, more owners are using LED lights to light their pools. These lights use less energy and last 30,000 hours.  That means you are not changing bulbs and keeping more money in your pocket. LED lights can be manipulated to change colors and give your pool a truly special effect, especially when swimming at night.

You can do some really neat things with LED lights:

  • Control pool lights with your mobile phone
  • Set and record mood light settings
  • Install landscape lighting into your pool control automation
  • Some water features included LED versions like LED cascade bubblers, LED waterfalls and more

Design Features & Functionality

The amount and types of swimming pool features you want will depend on your budget for the project. When it comes to the customization of swimming pools there is no real limit to the possibility of design configurations and custom features or accessories to be implemented. We offer a wide range of pool features that are affordable, and when combined will truly give your pool a signature style. Depending on the “theme” of your design concept you can get an idea of features or upgrades such as:

Tropical Features:

  • Cabanas & Tiki Huts
  • Palapas & Shade Covers
  • Waterfalls & Weeping Rocks
  • Grottos & Caves

Traditional Features:

  • Bathing Shelves / Tan Ledge
  • Diving Boards
  • Deck Jets (Pencil Jets)
  • Aerators (Fan Sprayer)
  • Sheet of Water (Sheer Descent)

Modern Features:

  • Vanishing Edge (Negative Edge Pool Wall)
  • Glass Pool Tiles
  • Swim-Up Bar / Wet Bar

Your decision on whether to get a spillover spa, fountains, sheer waterfalls, rock waterfalls, sconces(mounted to pool walls where a thin stream of water flows) , fountain jets and bubblers, fountain spitter (a narrow stream of water shoots from the deck into the pool) and sheetfalls, laminar jets, the smooth sound of a scupper or the pencil-like streams of water forming a rainfall curtain or a water wall(water streaming down walls to the pool)

We Are Here To Help

Deciding on what type of water features or accessories to include in your swimming pool design might seem challenging, and that’s why it is important to work with a San Antonio pool builder who has the experience to suggest the correct options for both your pool project and budget. we have over 30 years in the pool business and our team will get exactly what you want built, so let your imagination run wild or mild!

We are here to answer any questions about swimming pool designs or the swimming pool construction timeline. Thank you for reading & we look forward to working with you in designing a pool that has custom water features and effects that fit your needs.


Be Healthier & Happier Get a Pool!

Swimming for Health & Happiness

Experts recommend adults get 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Swimming is an excellent way to work your entire body and cardiovascular system. An hour of swimming burns almost as many calories as running, without all the impact on your bones and joints. The water creates a natural resistance to movements, and has zero impact on your bones & joints. Swimming is truly one of the best ways to exercise and stay fit, let’s find out how!

Get A Sensational Pool

Swimming is the fourth most popular activity in the United States. Being a custom swimming pool builder means that we design pools to our client’s needs which includes swimming laps or competition swim training. There are a host of benefits you may gain from swimming laps regularly. An important key to a healthier and happier life is to utilize your pool to improve/maintain your health. How and why do we recommend this?

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  1. Works Your Whole Body

One of the biggest benefits of swimming is that it truly works your entire body, head to toe. By simply moving around in the pool water you will see benefits such as;

  • builds endurance
  • increases your heart rate without stressing your body
  • tones muscles
  • builds strength

No matter what stroke you swim (breastroke or backstroke) you’re using most of your muscle groups to move your body through the water. Each focuses on different muscle groups, and the water provides a gentle resistance.

  1. Helps Reduce Pain From Injury Or Arthritis

Swimming can be a safe exercise option for people with and pain and injury or arthritis. Swimming may even help reduce some of your pain or improve your recovery from an injury. One study showed that people with osteoarthritis reported significant reductions in joint pain and stiffness, and experienced less physical limitation after engaging in activities like swimming and cycling.

  1. Swimming Is Good For People With Asthma.

Pools make swimming a great activity for people with asthma. Not only that, but breathing exercises associated with the sport, like holding your breath, may help you expand your lung capacity and gain control over your breathing. On the other side of the coin, some studies suggest that swimming may increase your risk for asthma because of the chemicals used to treat pools. Talk to your doctor about the potential risks of swimming if you have asthma, and, if possible, look for a Sensational pool that uses salt water instead of chlorine.

  1. Swimming Burns Calories.

Swimming is an efficient way to burn calories. A 160-pound person burns approximately 423 calories an hour while swimming laps at a low or moderate pace. That same person may burn up to 715 calories an hour swimming at a more vigorous pace. A 200-pound person doing the same activities would burn between 528 and 892 calories an hour. A 240-pound person might burn between 632 and 1,068.

To compare these numbers to other popular low-impact activities, that same 160-pound person would only burn around 314 calories walking at 3.5 miles per hour for 60 minutes. Yoga might burn 183 calories per hour. And the elliptical trainer might burn just 365 calories in that hour.

  1. Helps Manage Stress

Researchers surveyed a group of swimmers immediately before and after swimming at a YMCA in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Of 101 people surveyed, 44 reported being mildly depressed and feeling stress related to fast-paced life. After swimming, the number of people who still reported feeling stressed decreased to just eight. Swimming is a potentially powerful way to relieve stress quickly.

  1. Follow Pool Etiquette

When entering and exiting the pool, try to avoid actions that would creates waves or otherwise interfere with other swimmers, like jumping. You may also want to keep your nails and fingernails trimmed to avoid accidentally scratching other swimmer. If you need to pass someone in front of you, do so on the left-hand side. Be safe, healthy and happy.

Here is just one good video we found which shows examples of the specific swimming pool exercise workout routines:

Be sure to track your progress with a good quality waterproof fitness tracker!


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So if you are looking for a no-impact full body exercise environment to stay healthy and fit look no further than your own backyard pool! If you do not have a pool yet, you know who to call!

We have found some great exercises that you can do in your pool, check them out on Pinterest:

Best Swimming pool exercises ideas on Pinterest >

We build Sensational Pools for the active and leisure lifestyle, if you are looking for a quality swimming pool contractor in San Antonio, TX be sure to give us a call, we will be happy to provide you with a free in home swimming pool construction consultation and estimate for a new custom inground swimming pool.

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Start Living Outdoors!

Outdoor Living Luxuries

outdoor living entertainment dinning at home san antonio tx

Enjoying your home should be an indoor and outdoor experience. Some of the best ways to spend an evening in San Antonio is in your own private quiet setting. Our job is to create backyard living spaces that draw you in after a long day of work. Outdoor spaces that your family and friends will want to gather around and spend time.

For a backyard patio, you can add durable blankets, cushions, and change up the themes with seasonal colors. More plush coverings will stand up to fall & winter weather; plus, add warmth for you and your guests. You can also consider adding pumpkins, lighting effects, and other decor to really make your outdoor living space unique and cozy. Of course that pool or spa in the back next to your outdoor space will be an added plus for functional design!

Texas Style Outdoor Comforts!

outdoor living custom comforts of san antonio txImagine the possibilities! Think about the range of activities that can take place on outdoor living patio space. Some people like to read the morning newspaper and have wake-me-up cup of joe outside. For others, this is a fun area all year. Set up a TV to transform your patio from a useless space to your favorite place to watch sports! From college football to the world series.

There are so many ways to involve comfortable functions into your outdoor living space, such as:

  • Benches & Seating
  • Fire Pit
  • Fire Place
  • Enclosed Sun Room
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Covered Patio
  • Roof Extension
  • Shade Covers & Pergolas

With so many amenities available, our team will help you sort through the options to find the best outdoor living design possible for your backyard.

backyard transformations remodeling outdoor living spaces

Even though San Antonio winters are mild, if you have an open patio, it might be exposed to the weather suffer wear and  tear. Making your family area more flexible and versatile well into the fall is a way to enjoy your area more. One way to enjoy this family area well into fall is to make it more versatile. A screened-in patio, or one with retractable canvases, can help shield the area from falling leaves, drizzle or wind. This enables families to use their patios year-round instead of restricting activities to spring or summer.

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Ask anyone with a swimming pool and they’ll tell you it’s the best part of summer. However, even the most die-hard swimmer eventually tires of swimming laps and playing games of holding their breath under water the longest.

Don’t forget to get cool gadgets for your pool to really enjoy the outdoors! Maybe you want to get a life-size angry 7 foot inflatable shark or a lunocet (cool fins attached to your feet) that will allow you to swim fast in the water. Some features of the lunocet can give you so much propulsive efficiency that a person can launch themselves out of the water like a dolphin.  Getting a climbing wall designed for pools is yet another way to provide unlimited fun for those who want to rock climb. The fall is very gentle, of that you can be assured of.

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You can blow up giant balloons for people to float on your pool. No mosquitoes or flies to bother you mean that you can float peacefully in your pool on your float and soak up more of that good ole’ vitamin D.

You may not have the funds to build your own miniature golf course, but you can still work on your short game with a floating golf pool game that features a moving green and considerable water hazards. Any pool mini golf course promises a significant challenge for even the most experienced pool golfers.

A pool rocking chair is also available for your pool. This is a large pool toy you can use as a teeter totter or a rocking chair. Then there is pool volley-ball. Before you go to the trouble of filling the backyard with sand, consider confining the volleyball game to the pool.

Our favorite device for your outdoor yard and pool is your very own outdoor floating drink cooler. These types of coolers are unique in that they float on the water after you have filled up your cooler with soda and ice tea, water or anything else. Living outdoors is very enjoyable especially with a Sensational Pool in your backyard. Try it sometime!

Whether you want to cook & entertain or just have a quiet place that is private for yourself, we can create exactly the setting you are looking to achieve in your backyard. With over 30 years of experience including home construction & renovations we are the go to experts for swimming pools AND outdoor patios & structures!

A swimming pool design will have to also incorporate additional spaces and functions to suite a comfortable time outdoors. As custom pool builders it is our passion to create the full package backyard experience that includes the details and features you may not have even thought of!

Our City, San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Texas, Our City

San Antonio enjoys a comfortable climate every day from April to October each year being above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, as are most days in winter months. Summer temperatures are above 80 degrees every day and remain top 69 degrees most nights. The climate surrounding San Antonio & the Hill Country provides great temperatures to enjoy a pool and spa all year.

According to a recent article in Travel + Leisure Magazine ranked the city of San Antonio as the 5th best city to live in in America:

“America’s Friendliest City.”

5. San Antonio, Texas

“If you sneeze, four strangers will say ‘bless you,” said one T+L reader. More than a few survey respondents who moved to San Antonio from other cities said they’re still amazed, even after decades, how friendly the Texas town is. San Antonio “takes prides in being friendly,” another explained. They even brag about it.

The magazine used a number of criteria to rank the top 20 friendliest cities in the nation, and San Antonio came in at number one.

Readers of the magazine took part in an “America’s Favorite Places” survey, and ranked more than 400 cities across the nation in 70 different categories, including best burgers, best wine bars, best historical attractions, best free attractions and more. Included among these categories were rankings for locals themselves, including the most attractive residents and the friendliest residents.

San Antonio is known for, among other attractions, the San Antonio Spurs, the Alamo, great Tex-Mex food, the River Walk, a notable heavy metal and hardcore music scene, SeaWorld, its sizable military presence, and a favorite destination for many; SplashTown!

Bexar County San Antonio Texas swimming pool company Sensational Pools

Average annual rainfall in San Antonio is 30.38″, but averages mean little here. Forty inches of rain may fall in one year, but the next year there may be less than 20″.

Snowfall is 0 inches. The average US city gets 26 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 46. On average, there are 220 sunny days per year in San Antonio, Texas.

The pace of life in San Antonio can be as active or as quiet as one may choose. Living in a destination city has its benefits. Families appreciate having year-round access to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld San Antonio. Foodies enjoy every genre of cuisine from food trucks in Southtown to the beloved Tex-Mex and barbecue fare. Theater, music and art aficionados can attend productions at the Majestic Theater and the Tobin Center or exhibitions at the McNay Art Museum. Sports fans cheer on their NBA Champions, the San Antonio Spurs.

riverwalk san antonio texas

San Antonio offers more than 50 major events and festivals throughout the year, including the Ford Holiday River Parade and Lighting Ceremony, the Texas Folklife Festival and the famous Fiesta, a spirited 10-day salute to the Spanish heritage with numerous events citywide. U.S. News analyzed 100 metro areas in the United States to find the best places to live based on quality of life and the job market in each metro area, as well as the value of living there and people’s desire to live there. San Antonio is ranked as the 23rd best place to live in the USA. And number 3 in the best places to retire.

San Antonio features a cost of living that’s slightly lower than the national average. Home prices are less than the national average, while renters can secure a two-bedroom apartment for around $1,000 a month. Additionally, San Antonio residents pay slightly less for everyday expenses, such as food and health care, than those who live in other metro areas. San Antonio provides a wonderful quiet setting for homeowners to build their dream backyards.

Your swimming experience in a Sensational Pools luxury pool and/or spa will be fantastic when compared to enjoying a swimming pool in any other city. Hillside residences, and wide views of the Hill Country near Edwards Plateau allow for us to design some more amazing pools & spas and backyard settings throughout Bexar County Texas. We are Texans, San Antonio Pool Builders, we love our city and hope you do to!

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We build custom inground swimming pools throughout the entire Bexar County Texas areas, including San Antonio, TX. Discover why owning a swimming pool in San Antonio is great for the whole family!

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We are thankful to provide the Hill Country with over 30 years experience building some of the finest custom pool designs. We like for our clients to be well educated about swimming pools, and our capabilities in creating solid lasting investments to your property and lifestyle. We agreed the best way to start helping our clients better understand swimming pools in general is with our Blog.

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