Swimming Pool FAQs

Commonly asked questions about inground swimming pools.

If you have never owned a new swimming pool, you will have many questions about the entire process, including after the pool is completed how to continue to properly care for your new investment.

Over the years we have been asked many common questions, so we have taken the time to list them and their answers here. Please take advantage of this section to learn more about building a new in-ground swimming pool, and if you still have questions be sure to ask us!

General Questions:

To make a swimming pool you will need a strong container for the water, we use a material called “gunite” for example. You will also need a plumbing system that can keep the water circulated, filtered, and sanitized. In combination, these 2 basic necessities are what makes a swimming pool work.

Check out this visual diagram on how does a swimming pool work:

Continue reading in more detail about how a swimming pool works:

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Without hesitation, an in-ground gunite swimming pool is by far the strongest and longest lasting type of swimming pool that you could own. Gunite, also known as “shotcrete” is the preferred structural material chosen by those who are serious about owning a pool and those serious about building them alike.

Gunite is a form of concrete and makes a much more solid investment when purchasing a new swimming pool, and our pools are backed by a *lifetime structural warranty!

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Learn more about why a gunite pool is the best type of inground swimming pool to own:

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You can own a swimming pool without a spa, sure, but a spa / hot tub can add a lot of extra value to a swimming pool. From the obvious benefits such as relaxation & therapy, detoxification and stress relief, but adding a spa to your pool design can also add value to your backyard, increasing some of your real estate value and making it easier to sell in the future!

Adding a spa is an affordable design option that will continue to give benefits back to you over the years, so let’s add that spa because you’ve worked hard and you deserve it!

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Questions for Us:

Yes! As part of our design process, which we will effortlessly guide you through, we will meet on your schedule and provide all of the resources and information you will need to get started.

From that point our design team can render your vision in fully scaled 3D! You will see how your new pool / backyard will look along with exactly how much it will cost to build! You get all of this at no obligation!

Having a good warranty on a new pool is important, not because we expect things to break down but just incase they do, you know that you are covered. A good warranty is only as good as the ability for the company to stand by it.

We provide the following warranties for new pool installations:

General Warranty

  • 1 Year Full Rated

Structural Warranty

  • Lifetime for Original Owner^

Plumbing Warranty

  • Lifetime Against Leaks*

Equipment Warranty

  • 3 Years

* Plumbing warranty against leaks may exclude damages to plumbing such as but not limited too; freeze cracking, excavation damages, or modifications after installation.

^ Lifetime structural warranty may be transferable to a new owner based upon inspection results

Thank you for considering our company to build your new swimming pool, and thank you for reading this far along! This is a question that we would ask to a contractor ourselves, so we think it is important to help you see the differences in expertise between pool companies that you may be considering.

You can’t fake true experience, and having 30 years of it really shows without the use of many words. Our team is dedicated to the art of creating quality swimming pools, it is our career, our daily job and we take it very seriously.

To be the best you must work with the best! Our company will never squander for quality over cheap materials, labors, or construction methods.

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Financial Questions:

You may notice that inground swimming pool prices may vary between pool companies throughout the San Antonio Texas area, which may leave you wondering what am I really getting for my money..?

With quality in mind as top priority, we can help explain the pool pricing question by saying that it will depend on the size of pool to start, and then you will add together all of the other necessary components needed followed with any added features or accessories.

To give you a good idea; an average size pool of 25′ Length x 15′ Width being 6′ deep with a perimeter of 80′ could cost between $35,000 – $40,000 depending on other variables such as elevation changes and distance from the house or the total amount of concrete makes for a range of prices.

Continue reading more about how much inground pools cost to install, adding features, material upgrades and more pool pricing information:

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Although we can not be your financial adviser to purchasing a new swimming pool, nor do we offer financing in-house, we can answer a few questions about how to pay for a new pool and point you in the right direction.

Paying cash vs paying by check or financing will not provide a discount for the total of the pool project, we do not accept cash payments.

For any new pool owner the means of purchasing will depend on the current situation, available equity, lines of credit, savings or whatever is best for you. We encourage you to speak to your local financial adviser (if applicable) to discover the best financial solution for you to purchase a new swimming pool.

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