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Outdoor Living Luxuries

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Enjoying your home should be an indoor and outdoor experience. Some of the best ways to spend an evening in San Antonio is in your own private quiet setting. Our job is to create backyard living spaces that draw you in after a long day of work. Outdoor spaces that your family and friends will want to gather around and spend time.

For a backyard patio, you can add durable blankets, cushions, and change up the themes with seasonal colors. More plush coverings will stand up to fall & winter weather; plus, add warmth for you and your guests. You can also consider adding pumpkins, lighting effects, and other decor to really make your outdoor living space unique and cozy. Of course that pool or spa in the back next to your outdoor space will be an added plus for functional design!

Texas Style Outdoor Comforts!

outdoor living custom comforts of san antonio txImagine the possibilities! Think about the range of activities that can take place on outdoor living patio space. Some people like to read the morning newspaper and have wake-me-up cup of joe outside. For others, this is a fun area all year. Set up a TV to transform your patio from a useless space to your favorite place to watch sports! From college football to the world series.

There are so many ways to involve comfortable functions into your outdoor living space, such as:

  • Benches & Seating
  • Fire Pit
  • Fire Place
  • Enclosed Sun Room
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Covered Patio
  • Roof Extension
  • Shade Covers & Pergolas

With so many amenities available, our team will help you sort through the options to find the best outdoor living design possible for your backyard.

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Even though San Antonio winters are mild, if you have an open patio, it might be exposed to the weather suffer wear and  tear. Making your family area more flexible and versatile well into the fall is a way to enjoy your area more. One way to enjoy this family area well into fall is to make it more versatile. A screened-in patio, or one with retractable canvases, can help shield the area from falling leaves, drizzle or wind. This enables families to use their patios year-round instead of restricting activities to spring or summer.

outdoor living entertainment in san antonio tx

Ask anyone with a swimming pool and they’ll tell you it’s the best part of summer. However, even the most die-hard swimmer eventually tires of swimming laps and playing games of holding their breath under water the longest.

Don’t forget to get cool gadgets for your pool to really enjoy the outdoors! Maybe you want to get a life-size angry 7 foot inflatable shark or a lunocet (cool fins attached to your feet) that will allow you to swim fast in the water. Some features of the lunocet can give you so much propulsive efficiency that a person can launch themselves out of the water like a dolphin.  Getting a climbing wall designed for pools is yet another way to provide unlimited fun for those who want to rock climb. The fall is very gentle, of that you can be assured of.

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You can blow up giant balloons for people to float on your pool. No mosquitoes or flies to bother you mean that you can float peacefully in your pool on your float and soak up more of that good ole’ vitamin D.

You may not have the funds to build your own miniature golf course, but you can still work on your short game with a floating golf pool game that features a moving green and considerable water hazards. Any pool mini golf course promises a significant challenge for even the most experienced pool golfers.

A pool rocking chair is also available for your pool. This is a large pool toy you can use as a teeter totter or a rocking chair. Then there is pool volley-ball. Before you go to the trouble of filling the backyard with sand, consider confining the volleyball game to the pool.

Our favorite device for your outdoor yard and pool is your very own outdoor floating drink cooler. These types of coolers are unique in that they float on the water after you have filled up your cooler with soda and ice tea, water or anything else. Living outdoors is very enjoyable especially with a Sensational Pool in your backyard. Try it sometime!

Whether you want to cook & entertain or just have a quiet place that is private for yourself, we can create exactly the setting you are looking to achieve in your backyard. With over 30 years of experience including home construction & renovations we are the go to experts for swimming pools AND outdoor patios & structures!

A swimming pool design will have to also incorporate additional spaces and functions to suite a comfortable time outdoors. As custom pool builders it is our passion to create the full package backyard experience that includes the details and features you may not have even thought of!

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