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Construction Process


Building an in-ground swimming pool is like painting a masterpiece. Using your backyard as a blank canvas to reveal lines, intersections, ratios, and the functional design that incorporates a pool or spa. Our pool designer will paint a picture that is reflective of your lifestyle, and will blend seamlessly with the surrounding architecture.

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There are many steps involved when installing a new swimming pool, from the initial design and budgeting, to the moment of startup, we take you through this transformation step by step.

From the time of excavation a new pool project in the Bexar County area may take anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks to complete, depending on weather conditions.

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  • Design Consultation

    Stage: 1

    Meeting & Design

    The entire process begins when you contact us for a free, no obligation in-home consultation. We will meet on your schedule. With over 30 years of experience our design team will guide you through the best options available at a cost that is friendly to your budget.

    With the help of 3D design, we can show you a scaled representation of what your new backyard will look like. From day to night, and from every angle, you get to perfect every detail of the project! Our pool design proposals include detailed pricing information, and product details.

    While the visual appeal of the pool design and layout such as any water features or accessories are important, our designers are also engineers. Our goal is to be sure that every Sensational Pool is installed to meet all municipal, city, and association guidelines & requirements. This means that you can expect both quality in construction and attention to details!

    • 3 Design Revisions
    • Completely Custom Design
    • Timely Delivery

  • Permitting & Layout

    Stage: 2

    Approvals, Permits & Plans

    Before we can begin your approved project, any required permits and approvals must be received first. This can be the case if you live within a gated community or within the city limits. It will be our job to send any required documents to the architectural review committees to get the project started. Locations that are not governed by these regulations may benefit from an expedited schedule as these permits may not be required.

    During the time it may take to receive an approved pool permit or HOA application, we will make sure that all of the underground utility lines have been located  and marked, and also have placed the pool layout in the exact location to be installed.

    • Utility Locating & Marking
    • No Wasted Time
    • We take care of HOA & Permits

  • Excavation & Rebar

    Stage: 3

    Forms, Excavation & Reinforcement

    Now it’s time to dig in! Following the layout that was set in the prior stage, our excavation crew will precisely install flexible form board and materials while excavating. Swimming pool excavation is the process of removing all of the existing soil within the shape of the form.

    See this video on swimming pool excavation in action:

    An average residential swimming pool can be fully excavated within one days work, but requires skill, experience, and precision to have it done correctly. Following the design of the approved plans, the excavation will also take into account for the steel reinforcement also known as “rebar” and “stub-out plumbing” leaving the required amount of space needed to install these components.

    Although at this stage the pool looks very rough, and may resemble a skeleton, however these are the most important stages to pay close attention. As we will explain in stage 4 how important it will be to have proper steel reinforcement.

    Check out this video to see steel rebar installed:

    Building to code means that we can stand by our warranty, which means that you can swim care free!

    • Lifetime Structural Warranty
    • Rebar exceeds building code
    • 10″ minimum Gunite floors

  • Gunite & CleanUp

    Stage: 4

    Gunite Pool Shell

    At this stage we perform a quick review of the plan and design details just before implementing the gunite application. Gunite is also known as “shotcrete” or “concrete pools” and in it’s basic form is a cementious material that is applied at a high velocity and compacts to achieve a strong density of about 4,000 psi. This material is what makes the structural shell of your in ground swimming pool, you know that part that holds all the water!

    The average size residential swimming pool must be engineered to withstand the forces of hundreds of thousands of pounds of water pressure. Since the contained water creates both outward and downward pressures against all sides of the swimming pool structure it is crucial to build it correctly!

    When applying gunite there will be wasted material. You would not want your pool to have a weak spot, so if the material was not shot out of the nozzle then it may not be used in creating the final shape. This material that is not used is called “slag” or “rebound” which is the gunite over-spray that could not be used in the final structure.

    Check out this video to see gunite application:

    All of this wasted material, including the original forms boards will make for a sizable first clean-up!

    • Gunite 3,800+ PSI
    • Deform & Initial Cleanup

  • Plumbing & Equipment

    Stage: 5

    Long-Plumb & Equipment Set

    Without a plumbing system and the equipment to operate it, your pool would be more like a pond. To keep things flowing nicely you will need top of the line equipment and components to manage your pool on a daily basis. We offer Pentair Pool Products, known as the leader in both residential and commercial swimming pool equipment.

    At this time we may include the electrical pack installation. Based on your selections for control options we will install all of the required hardware and electrical components according to local and state building codes & regulations.

    The complicated looking puzzle of pipes and valves will all be explained in a further step!

    • Supersede Industry Plumbing Standards
    • Efficient Plumbing Layout
    • Easy to Identify Components
    • 3+ Year Manufacture Warranty

  • Tile, Stone & Decking

    Stage: 6

    Decorative Masonry & Flat-work

    This stage is all about the looks! Based on your tile and stone selections our crew of master masons will transform a concrete shell into a work of art!

    Having a passion for their craft, they will install your selections of waterline tiles, waterfall rocks, coping stone, and other decorative pieces that may be included such as a fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. These are the elements that really breathe life into and express the character of your pool design.

    Deck Installation

    Nearing the completion of your pool project will be the concrete decking installation. Once all of the tile and stone work is completed the grounds can be prepared with drainage and compaction while forming up to pour a concrete surface around the pool.

    We offer several decking options to choose from such as “Cool Deck”, Stamped Concrete, Stained Concrete, Tile Overlay, and Pavers. In some cases we can customize the deck surface to something other than concrete if that’s what you desire.

    • Waterline Tiles
    • Coping Stone
    • Accents & Accessories 
    • Concrete Decking
    • Cool Deck / Spray Deck
    • Stamped Concrete

  • Interior Finish & Start Up

    Stage: 7 

    Pool Interior & Finishing Touches

    An inground swimming pool with tile, stone, decking and equipment is still not ready to hold water, you must first seal the inside to contain all of that water. Every swimming pool must be able to retain water without it leaking out. The interior finish material of choice for gunite pools is “plaster” a cement mix that is high in calcium.

    There are many options of interior pool finishes available, such as colored, quartz, pebble, and even glass-bead finishes!

    See this video about pool interior finish options:

    Now that the pool is sealed and finished it is time to fill it up! Depending on the water pressure it may take 2 – 3 days to fill completely. Our team will return to activate the pool equipment and begin the “Start-Up Process” which includes a lot of brushing and chemical adjustments.

    In total it may take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to fully complete a swimming pool installation, and about 30 days after completion for follow-up. All of course depends on the weather conditions.

    Now it is time to hand the pool over to you! Included with your purchase we provide special training on how to properly operate, maintain, and enjoy your brand new pool!